Heating and Evaporation of Multi-Component Fuel Droplets.

Heating and Evaporation of Multi-Component Fuel Droplets.

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This book documents pioneering mathematical models introduced for the simulation of multi-component droplets heating and evaporation processes which are implementable into commercial CFD codes. These models, described as 'multi-dimensional quasi discrete' (MDQD) and 'discrete-component' models, were applied to automotive fuel droplets in experimentally measured internal combustion engine conditions for biodiesel, diesel, and gasoline fuels. For instance, it is shown that the suggested models lead to accurate predictions of temperatures and evaporation times in typical diesel and gasoline engine conditions. Such models have also reduced CPU time about 85% compared with cases when classical approaches are used.
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About the author

Mansour Al Qubeissi is a lecturer in Fluid Dynamics at Coventry University; and holds the following degrees in Mechanical Engineering-related disciplines: BSc, MSc, MPhil, and PhD. He is author of the book 'Development of a conjugate heat transfer solver' and several leading papers in the field; a designated reviewer on several IEEE proceedings; and currently serving as a Scientific and Technical Committee member of the World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology (WASET); Editorial Board Member of Laboratoire de Recherche en Hydraulique Souterraine et de Surface (LARHYSS), and the International Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Automation (IJMEA).
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